Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Hey everyone, welcome back to my real estate blog. I hope that you are all having a great 2017 so far, mine has been fairly lackluster. I recently helped a buyer find a house, and one month after him and his family moved in they had one of their pets die due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Lots of houses built before 2000 will not have adequate ventilation for a carbon monoxide leak, and many houses built after still do not have proper alarms or detection systems. Carbon Monoxide is a toxic gas, but since it is not only odorless but also colorless tasteless and non irritating initially and has been dubbed the silent killer because of this. Low levels of exposure can lead to depression, memory loss, and confusion whereas high levels can kill someone in a manner of minutes.

You can still protect you and your loved ones from carbon monoxide poisoning in your home. First and most importantly is to get a good detection system. I would opt for a separate unit from your smoke alarms as the combination alarms do not work as well. Public education on carbon monoxide poisoning and detectors remains minimal, meaning that it is something you should also talk to your kids about even if they are moved out. In my elementary school we had a fire drill 4 times a year, but I didn’t even know about carbon monoxide poisoning until I heard of someone in town passing away from it. So for the sake of you, your friends, your pets and most importantly your family install a carbon monoxide detector in your house today, and change the batteries every six months. It just might save someone life. Have a good week everyone, and take care out there.