Increasing Home Value- Alarms


Hello everyone, welcome back to the best real estate blog for increasing your listing value. With the winter season upon us now, it is a good time to do some upgrading on your property in order to increase its value and therefore its appeal to buyers. Something that can be a big or a bust choice is an alarm system for your home. I have bought some online before, and found that has the best choices for very cheap on used alarm systems. If you are trying to make your house look more appealing to potential buyers, then savings money is very important so that you can maximize your return.


Home Alarm System Panel

The best type

When looking at a home alarm system to install, there are many factors to consider. When looking at the alarm it self, you will want to think about three main things- monitoring, installation, and home automation. Monitoring means using either a landline, cellular, or broadband connection for your system to communicate with your monitoring center/local authorities. Installation only has two choice, either professionally installed or something you can do by yourself. Home automation is just that, the ability to control your system from a smartphone or other internet connected device. We will talk more about these choices below.



The three basic types of monitoring a home alarm system as mentioned above are by a landline, cellular connection, or broadband. All three options have advantages and disadvantages to them. Landline is the easiest and cheapest option, and only requires a home landline for monitoring so the system can still be wireless. By using a cellular uplink to communicate with the call centre, the system will still be online even if the phone and power cables are cut. Using a broadband internet connection to communicate can reduce reaction time by 4 times compared to a landline but is still slower and not as reliable as cellular monitoring.



Some alarm companies offer you the choice of a professional installation or a do-it-yourself kit. Of course, not all companies do this which is an important thing to remember when going through the pamphlets. A DIY system is usually sent through the mail with an instruction package, and most often they are wireless making installation a lot easier. A professional installation will almost always involve an installation fee and require you to be at home for a considerable amount of time. The installation will however go off without a hitch, and you shouldn’t have any questions about your system after. Also make sure that any damage is covered for when you move house.


  Home installation kit

Home Automation

Having a home automation system either built into your alarm or installed separately will allow you complete(or almost anyways) control over your system from a smartphone or other internet enabled device. This will allow you to arm or disarm your system no matter where you are, and depending on the system installed you can also control thermostat temperature, lighting, small appliances and even blinds. It also give you the ability to remotely view and record security videos, making it feel like you never actually left home. Every system will be different and offer different home automation settings, to make sure to choose one that fits your lifestyle (or area if you selling soon).


Home Automation System


Security Cameras

Home alarm systems are getting increasingly complicated from in the last couple years, and cameras are becoming standard. You can still get a plan from a company like xfinity that is just simple fire/gas/burglary protection without any cameras, but if you are looking to maximize the selling price of your listing then you might want to look at some infrared night vision cameras, especially if the listing is in or around a school zone. Motion activated cameras are the best choice in my opinion, as they won’t have hours and hours of footage with nothing happening yet still costing hard drive space.


I hope this has been a helpful little guide on home alarm systems and how to maximize your selling potential by installing one. Remember, pick a system that has the needs of the area you are in, as that is what people will be looking for. If you enjoyed this post, then check out my last post about door chimes. Take care.