London to get new skyscraper


A new skyscraper developement in the City of London has been given the go ahead. It will be called 1 Undershaft, it’s actual address, and has been designed by Eric Parry, an architect with Singapore based, Aroland Holdings.


It has been nicknamed the Trellis and will be 73 storeys, with a free public viewing gallery. It will be the 2nd tallest building in Europe, after the Shard. I Undershaft is currently Aviva Tower, which will be demolished to make way for the project. Completion won’t be any time soon though as contracts with tenants in Aviva tower will need to be honoured, but is expected around 2022.


The building will apparently host the highest restaurant in London and also developers are hoping to have an educational exhibition in partnership with the Museum of London.


The original design was supposed to be 309.6 metres high, the same size as the Shard, however the Civil Aviation Authority has requested this to be lower, due to restricted airspace.


The City of London Corporation gave approval via their planning and transport committee. In a statement the corporation said it was a very positive outcome and proved the Brexit vote will not deter developing the financial district of the capital. The development will provide 2000 square metres of retail space, 130000 square metres of office space and will be home to around 10000 workers, once it is fully populated.


The big question is will this development attract commerciial residents. It is certainly an excellent location for business, partuclarly the financial sector. There are alot of office spaces in London left vacant due to lack of demand. Maybe The City of London Corporation are expecting huge investment in Finance in the capital following Brexit. Time will tell.