Mobile Homes

I remember about 20 years back when my uncle had a moveable house it wasn’t quite a mobile home on wheels so to speak, you had to get a huge truck with specialized equipment to move the house to the new location. I remember the house being huge and had all the latest tech and gadgets for the time, there was even a jaquizee and that was not very common at the time, a TV that rotated to where ever the remote turned on the TV in the room, 3 bedrooms, all laminated floors, truly cool home. But they do come at an expense and huge headache when wanting to move location, I believe in the end that is why my uncle sold the property too much stress for an older fella and all he wanted was peace and prosperity. He worked hard all his life and I do look up to him.

Since this is a memory I will always remember I have been looking into these movable houses and getting one myself, but as I have grown and now understand the actual stress of buying a movable house and moving it, it’s not worth it. The move itself is a nightmare, even the smallest mistake when re-building the house can lead to a disaster for your mobile home. There are upsides, your day-to-day living is great and bills are low and obviously you can move the home pretty much where you want. It looks like I am going to move onto the idea of a new build and see where that takes me and the consequences in the long run, I have a lot of research to be doing. It is really exciting getting into a new project, opening that door to a new me.   

Movable home