Moving House Without a Scratch( of Paint)

Hi there people, welcome back to my Real Estate blog. Me and my wife recently purchased a new house and have started with the task of getting everything from one house to the other. We are keeping the old house to rent to some friends later this year so we have no rush to get out, but we took possession of the house earlier this week and want to move in now. I searched online and found lots of boxes and totes at for cheap so everything is getting all packed up and we are just so excited to finally move into our dream home. I just hope that the move goes well and nothing gets damaged as these are both our homes and now and we wouldn’t want to have a bad start to the whole “rental property” thing. I have good experience helping people move as I am a  rather large man, and I had a truck back home. Hopefully I can use this experience to make this as pain free as possible, and if you follow some simple tips you can do.


Moving Boxes

Label Everything

One of the first things you can do when moving to help everyone out is to label stuff. When filling up a box, keep a mental not of everything in it. Putting just the room that the box goes in leads to you thinking “Did I put the coffee machine in that kitchen box or that one? Okay, but what box is the coffee in?” Use paper taped to the outside of the boxes/totes if you have to (I got mine used so there were labels already, I had to make my own) but make a detailed label. When I packed stuff up for storage last summer, I would write exactly what was in almost every box. I had two boxes of game consoles and each one said what consoles were inside so there is no digging through a box to find the one thing you need to finish a room.


Make A Plan

The first time I moved out, I had a box sitting in the hallway of my new place for over a year before I decided to clean the stuff out of it. I hated being that guy who hadn’t actually moved in after a year so I vowed to never do it again. Now when I move in somewhere I try to visualize a plan for where everything can go. Of course this doesn’t always work (especially when the wife has say about it)  but just getting everything out of the box and somewhere is always a good starting point. Of course you also need to have the ambition to put everything somewhere eventually and not have 5 piles of books sitting on your kitchen table for 3 months but for most people that eventually comes, as long as you need to use your kitchen table that is.


Planned Moving

Bring Some Friends

It is a million times easier moving everything out of one house and into another when you have some friends to help do it. The appropriate payment is 1 beer per hour spent moving plus half a pizza for every 3 hours per person. This may seem a lot but it is still cheaper than hiring guys from Mayflower Moving and friends are usually considerably nicer than these guys. Plus if you get the pizza’s and beer early enough you can watch them all move your couch down the stairs and convince them you need to watch so that “it goes in the right place”


Moving with Friends

Be Careful and Stay Safe

The biggest thing to be aware of when moving is safety. There are a lot of pinch points, lots of rough metal and wood that you will be holding onto and new areas you are not used to maneuvering in. You also want to be careful with the properties as well, placing down some sort of tarp or cloth whenever you will be moving furniture over hard food or tiles. Using plastic walkways is advisable for carpet so that nothing get caught or ripped. If you are going to be installing some Affordable Renewable Energy device like me make sure that you are well informed of the the risks of both installation and ue, and please do not install any electrical device like a solar panel without the proper equipment. Also be sure to take adequate breaks, and drink plenty of water if moving in the summer heat. If you have to move during winter, salt the entire length of the area you will be walking on as well as put some carpets at the door to collect the snow. I hope these tips are going to be useful to you guys next time you move, I will talk to you next week hopefully from my new home.