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Online Estate agents are supposed to be a thing of the future. If you don't want to sell your house, then sign up to Purple bricks. Basically during the time that my property has been with the Estate agent Purple bricks, which is 8 months, every other property within a short walking distance from me has been sold while i have had very little attention from buyers. Perhaps this is because the Estate agent they sent was happy to lie to me about its actual value , even suggesting we put it up for sale at £125,000 when this is ridiculous.  Or maybe it’s because of the photos of my property are dark of extreme poor quality (clearly taken from a phone ) as the agent could not be bothered to bring a camera round and photograph it professionally. The Estate Agent reassured me by pictures were perfectly fine and for some unfathomable reason show stupid things like curtain rails and dirty paving stones, rather than any attempt to show a wider aspect of any of the rooms.

I have not been well advised, updated or generally communicated with at all. From the first moment i opened my door to the Purple Bricks agent until now I feel I have not been provided with the service that was promised in anyway. They made me sign a contract which means if you want an early exit, i.e. to take the for sale board away you have to pay £550 for this privilege !

I am just going to keep the for sale board up for  it up for another 2 months so they don't blackmail me, or carry on not attempting to not sell it. They say 77% of their properties sell, however after reading an advert in The Times, they sell 14a%...enough said.

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