Improving Real Estate Communication Protocol

When it comes to working within the confines of real estate, you’re going to need to be very open. Not just personally open, but in regards to communications across several platforms. Whether you’re a realtor, own a company, or are flipping houses, the key to success in this arena is how you share information with others. Many people assume that this is simple, but with many different ages, cultures, and backgrounds entering this arena, you’re going to need to improve how you pass along the right information today. The following are just a few tips that can help you gain the upper hand in this industry.

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The Standard Phone Call Still Works Wonders

Dealing with real estate communications may seem archaic to some. It’s one of the few industries that is phone heavy. Not just in the new modern sense, but in the traditional sense. Landlines, fax lines, and cold calling happens a great deal. Calling for information, to schedule showings, meetings, and much more is what takes place a great deal of the time. The standard phone call can work wonders, so don’t forget to have your direct line on all the pieces of collateral that you pass out. From flyers to realty signs, make sure that you’re available to speak at any given moment. Sometimes individuals choose after hours to communicate, and if you can offer them an opportunity, you’ll make sales.

Going Into Social Networks

Social networking is a deceptive marketing location. Many people that work real estate assume that these are locations where you can find potential clients, so they self-promote all the time. Don’t do that. Instead, focus on making these locations where you inspire, communicate, share, and promote ideas that are not links to your real estate business. You want to be friendly, and be open, without pressuring everyone that visits your page. The last thing you want is to pressure people to buy a home, or look at an open house, etc. There is a time and place for that, but this is not the location.

Look At Being Available More Than Others

The traditional time frame to communicate with people is 9 to 5, or 11 to 7. These are standard hours for most, but if you want to make an impact with communication, change things up. Be open at more than just those hours, and you’ll find that your portfolio will grow. Often, -people can only talk at certain hours, and scheduling can be tough. If you are more flexible than the next real estate individual, you will get the business of those that may not work within the traditional 40-hour window that most work in. That’s a major secret that successful realtors have and others dismiss.