Sell Your Own Home 

Hey there folks! Thanks once again for returning for another installment of real estate awesomeness on my blog! I hope you have been finding it informative and helpful so far. Please keep the emails and feedback coming in. All your thoughts, opinions and points of view are really appreciated and help me to form the basis of the blog to cater to your preferences. Just a quick post today as a filler. I will be posting a longer post in the coming days but I would not want you to go without in the meantime. My parents recently sold their home of the last 20 years and I was surprised to find out that rather than selling through a traditional brick and mortar estate agents they had used an online, virtual service instead. The beauty of this was that they were able to reduce the cost of the sale drastically. Rather than charge a percentage of the sale price to the agents, they were instead charged a one off admin fee that was extremely reasonable in price! The sales board went up outside of the house as normally would happen with a traditional estate agent and the property was advertised nationwide via the agent's website, keeping it real simple. Viewings were arranged through the agent but as it is a virtual service my parents had to be present to conduct viewings, which wasn’t a major hassle as both of them are now retired. They found a buyer inside 6 weeks. Winner. I will certainly be using a service like this when I eventually decide to upgrade myself. 

Anyway folks, I will be back real soon with my next post. Take care for now.